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Truly Open & Inclusive

We accept all types of influencers, including online (blogs, e-mail lists, podcasts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube) and offline (meetups, interest groups, etc).

Completely Free

Our network is 100% FREE for influencers and brands. We do not charge set up fees, membership fees or commissions for accepting or posting collaboration opportunities.

Multiple Opportunities

Find thousands of unique collaboration, sales and partnership opportunities, including influencer+brand, influencer+influencer and brand+brand.

Advanced Targeting

Find influencers and brands based on location, content/product niche, and demographic (gender, age, urbanicity, etc) and psychographic (interests, values) affinity.

  • Bloggers
  • Meetups & Interest Groups
  • Local (City/State) Opportunities
  • Sit back & receive proposals or reach out to brands directly
  • Social Media Influencers
  • No minimal followers requirement
  • No fees or commissions
  • Showcase your work

Make your voice count!

Now you can grow your personal brand and earn money while working with truly unique local and national companies and organizations that reflect your personal values and resonate with your followers and fans.

Search and accept endless partnership opportunities, from sponsored product reviews and banner ads to speaking engagements and event coverage to selling your own private label products, and more!

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Find your perfect influencers!

Post unlimited assignments or list your products in our Products Opportunities section, then sit back and receive the offers.

Want more control? Use our searchable directory to find online and offline influencers by niche, platform and channel, location and demographic/psychographic affinity to your brand. Then contact them directly.

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  • No Fees or Commissions
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  • Perfect for small companies and solopreneurs
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brand + influencer, influencer + influencer, and brand + brand collaborations

Affiliate Advertising

Promote products and services in exchange for one-time and recurring commissions

Brand Ambassadorships

Become a vocal advocate or ambassador for brands and causes that you love and support

Banner Advertising

Monetize your blog or site by displaying banners and links from sponsors

Co-Branding/Private Label

Partner with brands to sell co-branded products or sell products under your own label.

Content Amplification

Partner with other influencers and brands to share your content through guest posts, etc.


Partner with brands to sell products on your blog, social media page or through your local group


Engage your followers and audiences with contests, giveaways and competitions

E-mail Advertising

Monetize your e-mail newsletters by partnering with brands and other influencers.

Event Sponsorships/Organization

Attend local and national events as a media sponsor, or partner with brands and other influencers to host your own online/offline events.

Product Reviews/Endorsements

Discover new products and services to review - in exchange for fees, traffic, free products, or special discounts

Product Testing/Surveys & Focus Groups

Get access to new products and services and work with brands as an opinion leader and usability expert

Speaking Engagements

Grow your personal brand by getting speaking engagements at the local and national conferences, meetups and corporate events


We are the only free, open and inclusive directory that connects brands and influencers for partnership and collaboration opportunities. No more hiding behind the paywalls and long application forms. No more the same boring and tiresome promotions from big brands that peddle mass market products. We connect influencers of all types and sizes with local and truly unique, artisanal brands and companies.

Influencers & Social Groups

perfect for social media stars, meetups and groups of ANY size

$0 - always!
  • Listing in Opportunities Directory
  • Search and Contact Brands and Other Influencers
  • Search and Respond to Assignments & Product Opportunities
  • Influencer + Brand and Influencer + Influencer Opportunities
  • ... more features coming soon!

Brands and Non-Profits

perfect for small/artisanal brands, non-profits and solopreneurs

$0 - always!
  • Listing in Opportunities Directory
  • Search and Contact Influencers and Other Brands
  • Post, Search and Respond to Assignments & Product Opportunities
  • Brand + Influencer and Brand + Brand Opportunities
  • ... more features coming soon!